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CarbSense Carb-to-Glucose Inhibiting technology for Weight Loss CarbSense Carb-to-Glucose Inhibitor

CarbSense - Step 2 in the Smart Weigh System: Reduces the enzymatic digestion of complex carbohydrates, minimizing their caloric contribution to your weight loss goals by neutralizing the carbohydrate-to-glucose conversion, while allowing you to select a more moderate and sensible approach to your daily menu.   90 Capsules.

Our Price: $23.97
Sale Price: 14.95
Savings: $9.02
Vital Mood BPA-Free Protein Shaker Bottle

Vital Mood BPA-Free Protein Shaker Bottle
Escape from the Land of "Protein Lumpies", Return to Protein Smoothies

Our Price: 14.99
Fat First Weight Loss Through Fat Absorbing Calorie Reduction Technology Fat First - With Calorie Capture Technology

Fat First - Step 1 in the Smart Weigh System: Absorb dietary fat through the calorie capture technology of FBCx®, a patented fiber that traps 9-times its own volume in dietary fat, preventing the absorption into your body and eliminating up to 486 calories per day, without unpleasant side effects.   90 Tablets.

Our Price: $25.97
Sale Price: 15.95
Savings: $10.02
Vital Mood Non-GMO Yellow Pea Protein - Soy Free, Low Carb, Dairy Free, Cholesterol Free, Fat Free, Vegetarian, Vegan Vital Mood Yellow Pea Protein with BCAAs

Vital Mood Pea Protein contains an impressive 24 grams of high Biological Value protein with more than 4200 mg BCAAs in each serving. It is Unflavored, Unsweetened, No Artificial Sweeteners, Mix it with Your Favorite Drink and Flavor to Your Taste with the Confidence You Know Exactly What is in It. With Vital Mood Yellow Pea Protein, You are in Control.

Our Price: $22.55
Sale Price: 18.55
Savings: $4.00
Daily Detox Intestinal Toxin Binding and Liver Detoxifying Agents Vital for Weight Loss Initiatives. Daily Detox Toxin Binding Agents

Daily Detox - Step 3 in the Smart Weigh System: Green plant concentrates and catalytic enzymes that capture toxins released from fat cells, flushing them from the body prior to re-absorption, and reducing the toxic load and immune system burden that contributes to the fatigue and occasional illness associated with accelerated weight loss routines.  60 Vegetarian Capsules.

Our Price: 21.97
Vital Power High-Performance Nutrition to Power Your Day Vital Power Combo Kit

Vital Power - High-Output Nutrition to Power Your Day
The perfect starter kit to power your day. Vital Mood Brain-Performance, Vital Mood Non-GMO Yellow Pea Protein, and a Vital Mood BPA-Free Protein Shaker Bottle, all together for the lowest possible price!

List Price: $63.49 Combined Value
Our Price: 33.00
Savings: $30.49
Smart Weigh System for Realistic but Accelerated Weight Loss Goals Smart Weigh Kick Start Bundle

Smart Weigh System Kick Start Combo: 3-Part system for Healthy Accelerated Weight Loss. Part 1: Trap dietary fat to prevent absorption; Part 2: Neutralize Carbohydrate digestion also to prevent absorption; Part 3: Capture and eliminate the onslaught of fat-soluble toxins being released as fat cells are emptied, which contributes to fatigue and illness associated with accelerated weight loss goals.

List Price: $71.97
Our Price: $61.97
Sale Price: 45.85
Savings: $26.12